Friday, May 9, 2008

For the love of Ree....

So Ree is having the most fabulous contest on her website and wants people to list THEIR websites in her comments for the chance to win. That's when it occured to me that I tried starting this blog over a year ago and it lasted all of 6 entries.

Is it because I work full time?
Or because Megan (age 4) has been in the hospital 3 times since then?
Or because I've never in my life kept a diary or journal and I'm not a great writer?
Or because I have the attention span of a pea? (Adult ADD, perhaps?)

Probably a combination of all of the above. But maybe I'll give it a try again. We'll see how it goes!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting the lead out...

I cannot take naps. I will sleep well past the little 1/2 hour that I intend, and have a heck of a time trying to wake up. When I do, I'm grouchy and don't want to do anything. It's just not worth it. My 1/2 hour today turned into an hour and a half on the sofa. It's now 4:50. I haven't done any of what I planned to do today, and have no idea what we're doing for dinner. BLah! I hate this feeling!

It was a good week. I turned a year older and that's getting harder. But last night we went out with friends who bought us dinner and had cheesecake for me. It was really sweet. We stayed out until 2 a.m., hence my need for a nap.

I also hit 25 lbs on Weight Watchers. That felt great. I've lost 40 lbs on WW before, between babies, and I'm glad to be on that track again. Although with all my birhtday eating, I don't want to think about weighing in next week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hell week....

This is hell week for me at work. I work for a CPA, so you can imagine my pain. So far though, she has not make me cry, so I guess I can't complain. I did drink a big glass of red wine last night though, and that helped me manage my stress level. Between work and my crazy kids, the wine was much needed. When April 17th has passed, work will still be busy, but hopefully I will at least feel like I can breath. I'll have to catch up on all the things that have been sitting in my drawer festering while we've mulled through taxes.

It always amazes me when doing taxes at the money some people have. One of our clients owed $1,500,000 last year. Yes, that is million. I can't even begin to comprehend what one does with that kind of money. It must be nice. I can tell you this, if my husband made that much money, I certainly wouldn't be working for a CPA who has made me cry on more than one occassion.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Today was a good day.

The kids slept in and we missed church, but having them sleep in (until 8:30!) sure was nice. We have turned into "those people" who only go to church on holidays. We had started going pretty regularly and then the whole "Katrina thing" happened and, well, we just never got into the habit of going back. I'll admit, I'm lazy. I like my Sunday mornings in my pj's with coffee. I really want my kids to grow up in a church though, so I guess I need to get off my ass and just do it.

My grandmother and her husband, Vincent, (they got married this past September - she's 75!) came over for a while, then they left and we had dinner. (Ham, green bean & artichoke casserole, and loaded potatoes au gratin) Then Meg and I napped on the sofa for an hour and afterwards, we took the girls to see Meet the Robinsons. Good movie, GREAT message. We all enjoyed it!

Happy Easter!

Why you got big "boodies"?

Coversation with my almost 3 year old during her bath:

Megan: "Mommy, why you got big "boodies"?"
Me: "I don't know, I just do."
Megan: "But where you got them?"
Me: "That's just the way I'm made."
Megan: "But who made you them?"

I guess 2 years old isn't a good age to explain that mommy loves to eat and, although I was built to have bigger "boodies", lots of food makes mommies "boodies" even bigger.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Kids (or mom) gone crazy

Today was just one of those days. Work has been INSANE, and I had the day off. My first thought was, "YES! I can have a ME day!" But then Sarah was so upset that she has 6 whole days off of school and didn't want to spend them at daycare, so I started thinking we'd spend the day together. But then, doesn't Megan deserve an extra day home too? So, after all that, I decided we have a nice girls day at home. Riiiight.

My kids don't know how to sleep in. Unlike their mother, they haven't perfected that art just yet. So Megan was up at 6:30, and Sarah shortly thereafter. I put the TV on in my room and tried to sleep a while longer. But between fighing over who was laying in the middle, laughing,
fighting etc., it was time to give up my quest for a late sleep and get up.

They drove me crazy the rest of the day. In retrospect, I guess I was just PMS'ing, because they were just being kids. But everything they did/said grated on my nerves. Maybe I was resenting the ME day that I didn't have.

Part of the day did turn out well though. It is supposed to be yucky cold and rainy here Sunday, so I took the girls outside in their Easter dresses to try to get a few pictures. It was too sunny and windy, so we wound up in the shade, but I did get a few good pics. Then we went to the mall for their Easter Bunny pic. It came out very cute!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Giving this a shot....

Well, here goes nothing! I've decided to give this blogging thing a try. Maybe no one will read it, but hey, at least this will give me a place to talk about my kids and remember the funny things they say each day!

Speaking of my kids, I'll introduce myself now. I'm Courtney and have 2 daughters. Sarah is 7 and Megan is 2. I've been married to my husband, Jeff, for 10 years. We live in S. Louisiana. I work full time and don't really enjoy my job, but I've been there 9 years and it pays well. Guess things could be worse. I'm sure I'll vent plenty about my boss, working, commuting, etc.!

That's all for now!